Competency-based Management Training

Let our leading competency experts teach you about the world of competency-based management.

Competency courses for HR leaders, supervisors and managers.

HRSG’s internationally recognized training programs focus on workable competency-based solutions, giving you the skills to design high-impact strategies and implement competency-based programs for your organization.

Whether you’re exploring the potential benefits of competency-based management or you need to refresh and enhance your expertise, you’ll walk away with a clear sense of how to apply and manage competencies effectively across your organization.

Our competency management training programs are currently offered as in-house courses and are mainly designed for HR professionals, leaders, supervisors and managers.

Training Programs Offered by HRSG

Competency-based Selection © Interviewing

Competency-based interviewing is proven to be an effective way to make hiring decisions, resulting in employees who are more productive, perform better, and have a positive impact on your team and organization.

Offered in a one or two-day format, this hands-on interactive course shows you how to use competencies in your interviewing process to determine the candidates most likely to succeed on the job.

You’ll learn how to:

Competency-based Management Certification

This internationally recognized training program focuses on workable competency-based solutions, giving you the skills to design high-impact strategies and implement a competency-based program for your organization.

The workshop series utilizes a blend of best practices, case studies, role-plays, techniques, models, and the latest research. These tools will help you understand the concepts and practices you can use to address current challenges in attracting, retaining, and developing talent.

The program incorporates progressively challenging topics and becomes increasingly advanced towards completion. Select from the following modules to build a customized training program to meet your organizational objectives:

Why trust HRSG with your competency project?

Subject Matter Experts

With thousands of one-on-one consulting engagements over our 30-year history, the team at HRSG carries internal expertise that is unrivaled in our field. Leave your custom competency development to us so you have more time to focus on what matters most: your bottom-line and employees.

Quality Implementation Services

You can count on our HRSG team to help your organization launch its competency-based initiative successfully. We achieve this by providing strategic guidance and hands-on support while helping your organization avoid the common pitfalls that can slow down these types of projects.

Client Focus

At HRSG, client focus is one of our own core competencies. We know that every organization is unique. When you work with us, you'll feel that every step of the way as we provide a tailored approach.
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