HRSG is a world leader in competency-based talent management. Our services and products are tailored to meet your needs, using expert knowledge based on over 30 years of experience.

Our Story & Expertise

For 30 years, HRSG has helped clients use competencies to define their talent needs, address skill deficiencies, and improve individual and organizational performance. We earned our leadership position by developing innovative, customer-centered solutions to strategic HR issues across a wide range of government and industries.

Our goal is to help organizations maximize their full potential by aligning their human resources with their strategic vision and goals. We focus on improving the work life quality of your organization, while making a positive difference to your bottom-line success.

What  HRSG Offers You

Real-World Expertise

Our extensive real-world experience enables us to develop tools that are practical and flexible as well as reflective of HR best practices.  

We help organizations worldwide implement competency-based management in industries such as IT, supply-chain management, energy extraction and refinement, security and law enforcement, marketing and sales, retail, finance, and more.  

Quality Competencies

We’re one of a handful of companies worldwide to develop our own extensive library of competency content. HRSG clients benefit from access to more than 350 industry-verified, multi-level general and technical competencies.  

This unmatched breadth, detail, and accuracy brings more value, insight, and relevance to every stage in the talent lifecycle.


Our products and services—including competencies, software tools, consulting engagements, and training—encourage self-sufficiency rather than reliance.

In addition to providing support and guidance for your competency initiative, we focus on knowledge transfer, capacity-building, and the swift, self-managed roll-out of competency frameworks.

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Suzanne Simpson, Ph.D., C Psych.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Simpson is a registered Industrial / Organizational Psychologist. Her focus throughout her 35-year career has been on developing and implementing Talent Management systems that propel organizations to higher levels of success and encourage respectful and welcoming work environments.

Lorraine McKay, M.A. Psych, CHRP
Cofounder & Chief Officer, Talent Management Solutions

Lorraine has over 20 years' experience as a human resources practitioner in a wide variety of practice areas, and is particularly well known for her expertise in developing competency-based human resource management programs and tools, such as self-assessment and multi-rater feedback systems, competency-based interviewing, competency-based human resource planning and development, and job evaluation systems.

Ian Wayne
Chief Product Officer

With a background in organizational psychology and technology, Ian brings a unique blend of expertise to the field of HR software development. His consulting work includes projects designed to help clients support expansion and manage change through the development and deployment of customized competency modelling solutions.