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  • How to use HRSG's competencies
  • A sample competency with level 3 behavioral indicators from each of our competency groups

Why our competencies?

  • 30 Years of Expertise
    HRSG competencies have been developed and refined through over 30+ years of competency-based engagements with clients in a wide range of industries.
  • 350+ Competencies
    All HRSG competencies contain multiple levels of proficiency that describe different levels of ability.
  • Multiple Levels
    All HRSG competencies contain multiple levels of proficiency that describe different levels of ability.
  • Behavioral Indicators
    All competencies come with measurable indicators that describe what practicing the competency looks like.
  • Continuous Updates
    Our competencies are periodically updated to reflect the changing nature of jobs over time.

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Why our competencies?

  • Huge content libraries used by hundreds of organizations
    Access best-in-class, off-the-shelf behavioral, technical and leadership competencies to provide organizational structure.
  • Unmatched experience
    Consulting services built on 30 years of expertise in our professional services team.
  • Flexibility to suit your needs
    Including custom competency development, software tools, and project implementation support to make your project a success..

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What our clients say about us...
"Even something as simple as our onboarding process is now much more effective because we are focusing on the right skills."

Alex Andrews
Manager of Organizational Development - Rocky Mountain Equipment
"We're really starting to be clearer about who we are as an employer and what we expect of our staff. It's helped us to determine the right kind of people."
Nazlin Mohamed
Supervisor of Employee Relations at Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)
"Our partnership with HRSG led to the development of critical Human Resources tools enabling policing organizations across Canada to improve their HR capacity to meet demands and develop integrated solutions to common challenges. Extensive national consultation was required and made possible through HRSG’s collaborative, thorough & professional approach."
Geoff Gruson
Executive Director - Canadian Police Sector Council
"From the efficient and effective needs analysis and consultation provided up front, through to the design, development and costing of the products and training, each aspect of the partnership far surpassed our expectations. HRSG is now a trusted human resource advisor and solutions developer for our organization."
Sandy Ram
HR Organizational Development Consultant - Co-operators Life Insurance
"HRSG is a wonderful company. It is like having a pocket dictionary on hand for occupational psychology, HR, and organizational best practices... They knew the questions to ask to help me understand where our organization is, where I am, and what we need to do to move forward in a professional, objective fashion."
Marge Pfleiderer
Director of Operations - Lebanese American University, New York
"With competencies, there’s a specific set of behaviors that make it clear. We can create interview questions around these competencies, and we can talk to people about where they need to be in their jobs, or what they need to move to the next proficiency level for the next job. It makes it very easy."
Tracey Piper
Vice President, Human Resources - Talent Management at Destination XL Group
"In helping us with a major HR transformation and the creation of a brand-new organization, HRSG managed the project very well, showed in-depth knowledge of the IT and HR domain, and created an innovative solution with a no-nonsense approach."
Robert Vézina
IM/IT Issues Manager - Acquisition Technology Solution Branch
"So, we have these eight or nine competencies, and then we have very specific one or two-sentence descriptors that are behaviors connected to the competencies. Once we were able to provide this data, these statistics to those in the health field, they were more willing to buy into the importance of peer workers."
Lauren Dickler,
Certification Coordinator - PSC | Peer Support Canada
"One of the best things to come out of this project was that we now have a common language to talk about performance, development, etc. When we have discussions between departments they go a lot more smoothly and we achieve more because we're all on the same page as to what constitutes success."
Thamer Al Quadaimi,
Executive Manager of Learning and Talent Development - ELM
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