Competency-Based Interview Questions

Find the best candidate for the job with objective interview questions, based directly on the skills and behaviors required for success in any role.

What are competency-based interview questions?

Competency-based interview questions help reveal candidates’ job relevant skills and experiences through behaviorally focused questions. 

For example: “Tell us about a situation where you had to solve a problem, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of a number of options”.

Due to their direct relation to job-relevant requirements, competency-based interview questions add a layer of objectivity and fairness to your hiring process: all candidates get an equal chance of demonstrating the tangible knowledge, skills and abilities at the specific proficiency level needed for any given job.

Why use competency based interview questions?

How to conduct a competency based interview

A competency based interview (also called behavioral or structured interviews) has questions designed to extract information from a candidate by focusing on their thought process and skills (relevant to the job position).  

To conduct a competency based interview, a HR professional will require a well-prepared script which will should include the following items:

Example of a regular interview question

Example of a competency interview question

Competency focus: Empathy (Level 2)

This type of question can help an interviewer get more meaningful feedback from a candidate.

Helpful tips for competency based interviewers

Competency based interview questions examples

Competency based interview question for specific job position (example)  

Job: Customer Success Representative  

Competency focus: Client Focus (Level 1)

Objective: To ascertain if a candidate is “able to shows clients or customers that their perspectives are valued.”

Competency focus: Empathy (Level 2)

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30 Years of Expertise

HRSG competencies have been developed and refined over a 30 year period by competency experts.

Multiple Levels

All HRSG competencies contain multiple levels of proficiency that describe different levels of ability.

Behavioral Indicators

All competencies have measurable indicators that describe what practicing the competency looks like.