Identify the individual behaviors that connect personal growth with professional success.

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Behavioral competencies help you make better talent decisions based on the specific behaviors and soft skills that drive your organization forward.
Achievement Orientation
Analytical Thinking
Attention to Detail
Business Perspective
Client Focus
Collaborating with Others
Continuous Learning
Creativity and Innovation
Data Literacy
Decision Making
Digital Literacy
Emotional Intelligence
Fostering Communication
Impact and Influence
Business Processes
Information Gathering
Managing Conflicts
Managing Resources
Organizational Awareness
Planning and Organizing
Problem Solving
Project Management
Quality Focus
Team Leadership
Thinking Strategically
Using Financials
Visioning and Alignment

What are Behavioral Competencies?

This type of competencies can be explained as the sum of traits, abilities and motivations needed to deliver effective performance, regardless of your job in an organization. Behavioral competencies are also known as soft skills or general competencies.  

Behavioral competencies provide a substantial set of behaviors which aligns an organization’s vision or objectives with measurable behaviors which can aid in achieving organizational success.

What are Behavioral Competencies Examples?

E.g. Creativity and Innovation can be a behavioral competency for a marketing agency.

E.g. Attention to Detail can be a behavioral competency for an organization.

Example of a Behavioral Competencies List

Below are several examples of behavioral competencies:

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Behavioral Competencies
Technical Competencies
Leadership Competencies