Improved Succession Planning for Electricity Sector Council

Business Challenge

Employers in the Canadian Electricity Industry are faced with the need to replace workers at an increasing rate.  Research has shown that of the approximately 100,000 Canadians who work in the sector, almost 30% of these are expected to retire by 2012 - especially at the management level.


To address the impending labor shortages, HRSG was engaged to conduct research into the barriers and best practices in succession planning and develop tools to assist in implementing a succession planning process.  

National stakeholder consultation was conducted to ensure that the needs for succession planning in the industry were clearly articulated.  

Based on extensive industry input, the tools were developed to equip employers to better address their impending succession needs.

The tools developed by HRSG include:

1. Succession Planning Policy
2. Succession Planning Process and guidelines
2a. Future Oriented Job and Task Analysis
2b. Evaluation Tool
3. Manager's Succession Planning Worksheet
4. Replacement Charts - Template/ Guidelines for measuring Bench Strength
5. Communication Strategy

"HRSG did a great job in developing succession planning tools that are practical, user-friendly and can be used at every level of management.  They can benefit managers in identifying and developing the talent necessary to meet future organizational strategic and operational needs."

Catherine Cottingham, CEO & Executive Director
Electricity Sector Council

Key Benefits

The tools were made available online via the Electricity Sector Council website in December 2008 and received a considerable number of downloads in the first 2 months following its launch.

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