Multi-national high-tech firm implements competency-based management with help from HRSG

Business Challenge

A large multi-national telecommunications company adopted Competency-based HR management as a means to improve and maintain consistent standards throughout its workforce across its many international subsidiaries.  

Many subsidiaries drew from labor pools that varied significantly in education and technical skills and had shortcomings in terms of management skills.


This Telecom company initially engaged HRSG to improve and streamline the competency dictionary it had assembled and to build additional technical competencies for key jobs. The competencies were then used as a pilot within one subsidiary country to conduct assessments, determine skills gaps and identify ways to improve.

HRSG used its proprietary software to create the competencies and conduct the assessments online. Pilot results for each division were discussed with the management team and a plan for improving organization performance was developed and forwarded to the President.

Key Benefits

The pilot resulted in a strategy for performance and competency improvement of all divisions.  Based on the success of the pilot, the competencies are currently being implemented in another subsidiary country and applied to assessment and learning.

At the same time, the Corporate Office is providing training to HR Professionals across the company to implement similar initiatives.

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Why HRSG Competencies?

  • 30 Years of Expertise
    HRSG competencies have been developed and refined over a 30 year period by competency experts.
  • Multiple Levels
    All HRSG competencies contain multiple levels of proficiency that describe different levels of ability.
  • Behavioral Indicators
    All competencies come with measurable indicators that describe what practicing the competency looks like.